Handyman Take-Off

Great news! I have had my first commission as The Garden Handyman in Cirencester. A few weeks ago I did a business card drop around local houses, and now I have been asked to trim a rose bush just around the corner. You’d never know that the lovely lady is 83. She paints, and most importantly always has a book to read. I will have to ask what her current one is when I go round to do the work later this week. A problem with town houses like hers is getting rid of the brash. Fortunately we can remove it with bags and I have a friend who will let me use their green bin. As I have to arrive and go on my bicycle, with the trailer, this might prove to be a problem in the future.


2 thoughts on “Handyman Take-Off

  1. No probs Nick, spread a sheet out to catch the trimmings (I’m sure you keep your secateurs sharp…) cut them up really small into plastic reusable rubble bags and press down – they compact down a treat. (Heavy gloves and patience are essential 😉
    I too, am carless – I had a little blackout last March – it keeps you resourceful doesn’t it?!
    Loved your piece on Trotsky – you have a great way with words!
    Still praying for you..
    Bravo Nick,
    You’re a star!

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