Sad Day Closure

It’s a sad day today as Freshwood Publishing has finally been desolved. We realised quite soon it might not survive, but hoped that three issues of Living Woods magazine might save FreshwoodLite.

It was not to. Saved itself by remarkable Crowdfunding, which raised £8000 for printing, three issues of Living Woods proved to be too stressful for the team. I just could not multi-task and prioritise and concentrate well enough. Like the launch issue of a magazine, the first was simple enough as we had plenty of material and no readers, advertisers and contributors to manage. For that reason all adverts were run for free, impulsively. It was the moment that issue dropped onto doormats that we were inundated with a quantity of correspondence I found impossible to read and manage. As is typical of brain injuries, my motivation dwindled. The greatest sadness is that I founded Freshwood not only as an outlet for my passions in wood and magazines, but because I saw it as a pension for my life. So be it. Onwards and forwards!

9 thoughts on “Sad Day Closure

  1. Really sorry to hear this, Nick! But glad to see you are bouncing back and finding a way to express yourself and your passion. Be well!

  2. So sorry to hear this Nick I know what it meant to you. Sound like you are in the right frame of mind going forwards. All the very best

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