Wood Film

One of many new ideas tested over the last few years since the cycle crash that changed my life was the making of a woodworking film. Watch it on YouTube at https://youtu.be/VdPd4zaEZ5o


Fame at Last

In 2015 a character in a new novel was based on me! The BBC’s Arts Correspondent Rosie Millard published her first novel, The Square,featuring a colourful group of characters living in North London. One of them, Philip Burrell, turns out to be based on me, not thanks to him being 68 and living with a Russian beauty, but because he sculpts replicas of famous golf holes. His are temptingly artistic ‘simulcra’, made from wood, clay and steel, produced with the help of a young lad from a nearby council estate, and sold around the world for a fortune.


Wood Talk

In March 2015 I joined a panel of speakers at the Taking Roots talk in East Sussex. Held at The Bell Inn in Ticehurst, and including a two-course meal, the evening featured Patrick Roper speaking on the ecological importance of High Weald’s ancient woodland, Jeremy Pitts on the marketing potential of woodland traditions, and Tom Wells giving a talk on health and well-being. I discussed the social potential of woodlands, complimenting Tom’s theme with my own therapeutic woodland experience following a head injury in 2014.