In the past, all Nick’s writing was linked to his magazines. He wrote with passion about personal stories and more technical and practical issues. Readers loved his updates about woodworking in a shed and the latest serious and comical adventures in his off-grid Shack in France.

Now that he no longer edits magazines, Nick is becoming a more wide-ranging author and writer. He has been researching and writing Hidden Talents, the unlikely hobbies and skills of the great and the good, both past and present. Each of the 100 mini-obits explores personal and historical contexts. Subjects range as widely as Leon Trotsky’s collecting of Mexican cacti, Sylvia Plath’s bee-keeping lessons just before her suicide, and George V’s anonymous racing and breeding of pigeons. Did you know that William Gladstone was a proficient axe-wielding tree-feller, or that Winston Churchill was a paying member of the Building Workers Union as a keen bricklayer?