In the past, all Nick’s writing was linked to his magazines. He wrote with passion about personal stories and more technical and practical issues. Readers loved his updates about woodworking in a shed and the latest serious and comical adventures in his off-grid Shack in France.

Now that he no longer edits magazines, Nick is becoming a more wide-ranging author and writer. He is working on a radio play. The amusing, poignant plot follows the ambitions of brothers Kennedy and Henry taking an unusual approach to old age and to the prospects of ending their days in a home.

Nick is a more natural writer of non-fiction. He has already produced a proposal researching the unlikely hobbies and skills of the great and the good, both past and present. Each of the 100 mini-obits explores personal and historical contexts. Subjects range as widely as Leon Trotsky’s collecting of Mexican cacti, Sylvia Plath’s bee-keeping lessons just before her suicide, and George V’s anonymous racing and breeding of pigeons. Did you know that William Gladstone was a proficient axe-wielding tree-feller, or that Winston Churchill was a paying member of the Building Workers Union as a keen bricklayer?