Nick Gibbs has edited magazines for nearly 30 years, launching titles as diverse as Sailing Today and British Woodworking, and most recently Living Woods. Editing is his passion. Since 2007 he has run his own successful publishing business, producing a range of titles, for sale on the newsstands, by subscription and to provide contract magazines for businesses and associations. He has written for magazines and newspapers, including The Guardian, Business2.0 and Survive, and is author of The Good Wood Bible and The Craft of Magazine Editing.

Then in 2014, Nick suffered a severe head injury when knocked off a bicycle. He was in a coma for 10 days, but was fortunate to regain consciousness without any physical damage. Nick could walk, talk, read and write, and all his limbs were working perfectly. That said, he tried to escape from Intensive Care so often he was put on a Deprivation of Liberty Order, and rugby-tackled one time only yards from the hospital’s main entrance.

Rather than publishing magazines, Nick now works as a writer, speaker and maker. Full-time he has joined a father and son team of tree surgeons and landscapers. In the afternoons he has a tiny business, Fairway Originals, Nick making carved replicas of famous and favourite golf holes. “We can produce a replica of any hole, on any course, anywhere in the world.”

Giving talks has proved to be a new avenue for his skills as a communicator. “It reminds me of my first days as a would-be journalist, working on the university radio station, learning how to interview and report at a mic, usually on air live.”

His talks have entertained local groups with his tales as a hospital-bound escapologist. Audiences have been inspired when he relates how he worked as a kitchen porter, handyman, pedlar and groundsman once he was discharged, searching for new purpose and meaning to life.

Public speaking provides a new outlet for Nick’s ideas and experiences. His talks now take a wider view of the brain, and particularly the impact neuroplasticity can have upon recovery after an accident, a stroke or an illness like Parkinson’s.

In Nick’s blog you can also discover extracts from his book, 100 Hidden Talents, which reveals the unlikely hobbies of the great and the good through history. Discover how Sylvia Plath wrote her last poems about the bees she kept, how Churchill laid bricks as he ruled, and how George V anonymously raced and bred pigeons.