The best way to contact Nick is by email, at 

He is now based at The Old Kit Box (above) in Malmesbury, Wilts.


11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I tried to send an email but it has been returned several times. We have just published a book The Furniture of Rupert Williamson with an Introduction by Mary la Trobe-Bateman. The text is by Rupert, who says you have said nice things about his work in the past. May we send you a copy for review? If you would like to see a copy please let me know what address it should go to.


    Colin Hamilton

    1. You can certainly send me a copy to review. I know Rupert Williamson and would love to do something about this. It has taken me a while to reply because on 25th June 2014 I was knocked off a bicycle and ended up in a coma for 10 days, so was unconscious when your comment arrived! My address now is 38 Gloucester Street, Malmesbury, Wilts SN16 0AA.

  2. We’re really sorry to hear (from Andy Crawford, by email on DMOU forum) that Nick has had this awful accident. Although we don’t know him personally, we have great respect for his work & just want to send our hopes & wishes for a full recovery.
    We’ll be thinking of him & all of you ~ such hard times for you all, but it’s amazing what strength everyone can give to & draw from one another.
    Very best wishes,
    Tim & Audrey

  3. Sorry to hear about your terrible accident. I kind of understand the problems you are going through as a family member is going through something similar. Just take one day at a time as this will lead to your recovery. I have met you at Westonbirt in the past and love your publications. Stay calm, relaxed and don’t get too frustrated. Things will get better and we all look forward to reading your publications again soon.
    Kind regards

  4. Dear Nick, my wife forwarded a message about you trying to get back into editing and start publishing Living Woods again. In some small measure I have the same sort of mountain to climb. It takes time and it is frustrating to find oneself running out of steam when you just want to press on. Take your time and trust that your supporters will back you and cheer you on even when it looks too hard.

  5. Sir,

    I understand you own the rights to the John Brown ‘Anarchist Woodworker’ articles and either have or plan to publish them. Can you tell me the status of that project?

  6. Nick, We spoke at the London Everest lecture and I’ve tried getting in touch about your carving via email but get failure messages. Could you email me when you have a chance? Cheers, Steve

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